Monthly Archive: July 2008


Zen Out of Amsterdam

by David Swan Those were the last words of my Buddhist teacher that suggested I should stick to what I know, mainly IT – which led me to my next contract and the ensuing...


Shoes as Artwork

by Megan Budden I’ve always thought of shoes as more than mere barriers between the ground and the feet.  Certain shoes can be works of art when you notice the innovative use of color,...


The Devil in the Details

by Mitch Parnes Was it good? As truly annoying a question as that is, after sex that’s been blissful or, perhaps, otherwise — it still pales woefully in comparison with what we all (all...


Light’s On. Always.

by Megan Budden Light’s on?  Light’s off?  Thanks to the confidence inspired in me by my new Marlies|Dekkers lingerie set, light’s on.  Always. “Every woman zooms in on what she finds unattractive.  Zoom out...

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