Monthly Archive: May 2015


Gunman at Prime time NOS Studio

A man waving a fake gun has been arrested in a studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS, demanding airtime. Normally, journalists need to chase news events. It is rarely when the news  are coming...


Amsterdam Hotel Night January 17-18 2015

Hotel night is a local hotel promotion of reduced price hotels combined with cultural activities. This event will take place at the weekend of January 17-18th and will offer reduced price hotel accommodation, mainly...


Cocaine alert!!!

Apparently, there is a very dangerous type of Cocaine that is being circulated ion Amsterdam. it has caused the death of three tourists by now. So, don’t use drugs. and if you do, don’t...


No pants day Amsterdam metro ride

As every year, right in cold January, this is the right time for the local no pants metro ride and see the face of by passers as a group of people remove their pants...

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