Brazilian Summer Flavours brought to AIFW by Hunkemöller

Vibrant energy, an explosion of colours and flirty ladies: Hunkemöller launches its Spring/Summer 2012 collection on the catwalk with a double show. The show starts with seductive lingerie. Sweet brides, ladies with a golden touch, contemporary Brigitte Bardots, girls in hot pink and large flower prints dazzle on the catwalk. Lights switch off, Brazilian drums enter the room. The spotlights flash on to reveal an exotic swimwear show of Brazilian Summer flavours. The room is taken by tropical fever. Imagine yourself at Copacabana Beach, sexy in special shapes, in cobalt blue or with macramé details. Or be radiant in fresh jungle green with pearly white. Finally, no Brazilian party would be complete without glitter and glamour.

Hunkemöller flirts with glitters from head to toe and invites you to join a hot summer party! 




Hunkemöller surprises the audience by starting off the show with what should traditionally be the end. The show starts with a radiant bride in a super seductive, off-white set. Rich in delicate lace and hand-embroidered, refined sparkling beads. She is accompanied by two bridesmaids, also in sets of fine, off-white lace, strass and satin ribbons. As from 2012, Hunkemöller will include bridal lingerie in its spring collection as a standard feature.

Golden touch

Nude shades with a golden touch and a colourful note dominate this collection. Transparent lace combined with colourful satin. The 3D effect details, soft sparkles and exciting pink and gold colour combination give refinement. These golden ladies are romantic, yet also sexy and teasing.

Contemporary Brigitte Bardots

Adorable Brigitte Bardot sets with ruching enter the stage. But they are contemporary sets, thanks to the contrasting fancy fluo details. Followed by romantic sets with roses and smocking. They are cotton, combined with lace and made into a hip, summery and fashionable one-suit. One very hot item is the innocent babydoll with plenty of ruching and satin bows, but then in the thrilling colour combination of mint green and bright yellow. Cute and very sexy!


Flowers Everywhere

Out come the flowers. Large flower prints in vivid, fresh colours on stretch satin give that amazing summery feeling that make you eager to start a new day. A waspie, a belt like a corset – ribs and all – that you wear around your waist, represents an original addition to the collection. Fresh and supremely summery!

Hot Pink

Animal prints continue to be trendy. This summer they are even more cheerful thanks to the addition of hot pink. Sexy suspenders, slipdresses and fashionable high briefs parade past. This collection also features an innovative new top. You wear this top with a bra for an extra super push-up boost. This top is made of black animal lace and contains 6 ribs to give your breasts an additional push. Like the corsets back in the day used to do. Underneath, wear a smooth hot pink bra for contrast.

Oriental Beauty

The line that follows presents oriental flower prints in bright pink and deep purple on black satin. This collection comprises kimonos with inset lace, babydolls and a ‘deep plunge’ bra: an ultra-low bra, richly decorated with embroidered lace. And don’t forget the super sexy, transparent maxi-slipdress. This collection further shows a new variation of the bandeau bra. This bra is developed to actually lift up the cleavage. This lace bra has a V-shaped opening in the centre to create a lovely, full bosom.
Imagine yourself in Brazil: Copacabana Beach! Bright red, vivid green, tropical flowers on black, all in bandeaus and ruched triangle tops. The must-haves from this collection are the Bohemian maxi skirt with tropical flowers on black and a bikini with asymmetrical shoulder details in glamorous black. These sets elegantly yet simplistically use pleats, draped effects to show off the body to its greatest advantage.


Party in Rio de Janeiro means show time and glamour. The catwalk prepares for a massive party. Glamorous black combines with glitters of every sort. And the pièce de résistance: a glittering bikini with matching beach pants, richly covered in thousands of spangles. Are you ready for this hot Brazilian Summer party?

Tropical Fever

The Brazilian drums die away, the spotlights switch on again. Intense blue appears on the catwalk. Special lines and golden details like ornaments for the body. Followed by bikinis with a print of colourful feathers. The triangle bikinis are hand-embroidered, which gives a spectacular 3D effect. This collection also includes a unique wrap bandeau top: you wrap this bikini crosswise around your body and tie it on your back for a draped effect.


Copacabana Beach

Shapes in Cobalt & Macramé

Cobalt blue, deep as the sea. Flirt with these stylish bikinis with a multitude of strings. Both tops and bottoms are tied up on the back, in the neck and on the hips, in an exciting manner for a flirty effect. Or choose the monokini: a simple bikini at the back, ingenious macramé in black or white at the front.

Ethnic Animals

And now, the catwalk is taken by animal prints – with a twist. Colours with a warm glow, like purple and orange, feature in elegant, ankle-length cover-ups. A deep-cleavage bathing suit with snake print and aqua touches follows. A cover-up incorporates zebra prints. Faded stripes in cream, black or brown shades or a blouson bathing suit in café au lait hues give a sense of extravagance to this collection of natural shades. And every look is finished with gold-coloured details that reflect the sun.

Fashion Jungle

The collection would not be complete without the Brazilian jungle, so the bikini prints also include fresh-green leaves. This set has an exceptional bandeau shape and an asymmetric bottom. The verdant green provides a marvellous contrast to the pearly white bikinis, which include green in the jewellery details. Jungle with a fashionable touch.


Glitter & Glamour Finale

Party in Rio de Janeiro means show time and glamour. The catwalk prepares for a massive party. Glamorous black combines with glitters of every sort. And the pièce de résistance: a glittering bikini with matching beach pants, richly covered in thousands of spangles. Are you ready for this hot Brazilian Summer party? 

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