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Update Dutch Presidency of the EU

The Netherlands will take over the Dutch Presidency at the 1st of January 2016 for 6 months. The Dutch government wants Europe to focus on issues that makes Europe stronger, create new jobs, stimulate...

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Unleashed fetish parties

UNLEASHED parties fuse gay and straight with a playful and attractive crowd who is looking for fetish fantasies in complete freedom and festive spirit. The parities has started about five years ago in Amsterdam...


Interflière Paris

The following is a translation fropm French of the opening of Interfilier Paris; This new edition of Interflière Paris is sure to be a colorful one, rounding off the show’s 30th birthday celebrations and...


Samsung “Safety Truck” in Argentina

In Argentina, many two lanes roads, populated by trucks and cars, safety is an issue. This initiative was created by Leo Burnett from Buenos Aires for Samsung’s Argentinian corporate office to promote road safety


Gunman at Prime time NOS Studio

A man waving a fake gun has been arrested in a studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS, demanding airtime. Normally, journalists need to chase news events. It is rarely when the news  are coming...


Amsterdam Hotel Night January 17-18 2015

Hotel night is a local hotel promotion of reduced price hotels combined with cultural activities. This event will take place at the weekend of January 17-18th and will offer reduced price hotel accommodation, mainly...

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