Castlefest 2019

Castlefest, the yearly Fantasy festival of the Netherlands, taking place at Keukenhof, Lisse. A fantasy world of dressed up people gathered for a big party and festival. A day or more, far from city life and reality and into a fantasy world.

The yearly event is attracting thousands of visitors, photographers, artists, and sellers that are all gathering together in order to create something extraordinary. The activities includes entertainment, workshops, leisure and commercial.

Many activities will take place at Castlefest, catering for many tastes and ages. From workshops to dancing and music. Markets, mini events and food. All in one Major event.

A large amount of bands are performing at the various festival stages, from Pagan Folk to World Music, from Medieval Rock to Indie. In short, for each music lover his own!

Castlefest characterizes itself by a unique ambiance. This makes that regular visitors are looking forward to the next edition a year in advance. It creates a feeling where you find yourself in a completely different world, causing a daze and homesickness for weeks after the event took place.

According to the organizers, the Castlefest-feeling is difficult to define, but something everyone needs to experience themselves. The highlight of the festival is the Wickerman-burning. Together with visitors, bands, exhibitors, entertainers, caterers and the staff you are living towards the moment the Wickerman is lit. The energy that is then released is a special experience that cannot be missed.

Castlefest takes place from August 1st till August 4th 2019 at the Keukenhof Castle in Lisse. The first acts will soon be announced. Curious? Get your tickets now and keep an eye on this website for the latest news!

Like last year, there will be a Body & Face Art Gathering during Castlefest.

In the fantasy scene both professional acts and visitors are more and more into body- and face art, prosthetics, grime and special effects. Do you love this as well? Come check out our awesome Body & Face Art activities at Castlefest.

Participate in interesting workshops, daily themed sessions, demo’s, experiments, a carrousel, a torso paint, a three color paint or a complete presentation. Be amazed by the work of several world famous paint & special effect artists.

Want to participate in one of the activities or do you want to be a model on one or more occasions? Sign up via one of the registration forms on this page.

Keep an eye on this page for more information on all the activities.

The various program components explained

Day theme Body paint

Let yourself be inspired by the theme of the day and transform your model. Be creative with all the techniques you’d like to use: sponge, brush, airbrush, glitter or special effects.

The complete package

Go nuts, create a complete look with combination of bodypaint, headpiece, clothing, accessories and fitting make-up/facepaint. Surprise your audience with a creation that is complete from top to toe.

Group Paint

Create an artwork together with other painters and models. Already a great idea or design in mind? Send us an email (, include your preference for Friday or Sunday) and send us your detailed plan before May 1st. Please note: you need to put together your own team of painters and models and pick a team leader.


Together with other artists you will take turns on working with the models, within the day theme. Models will rotate between the participating artists. Required: enthusiasm and creativity. Together you will contribute to the end result of all creations.

Pressure Cooker

This component has the same goal as Daytheme Bodypaint, but only with three hours to complete. Work together with other painters, don’t lose yourself in too much details, but aim for the total image. Less time works as some sort of pressure cooker for creativity and results in remarkable surprises.

Three Color Paint

The name says it all: pick three colors and create a (partial) bodypaint or facepaint. Experience how limitations and your own creativity work together to create something special.

Torso Paint

In this component the painter will get three cards. The first card states which colours can be used, the second the forms and the third the theme. Only the upper body of the model will be painted. You can participate on your own or together with another painter.

Out of the box

We mean this literally!  This component expects the unexpected. Together with the other contestants you will get a few minutes to pick your materials from a box. This is the material (aids, paint, accessories) you will be using to create your (face) paint. It can be everything and swapping is allowed!

2×2 Connected

You will be working together with another painter and two models on one paint where both the models form a whole. This can be done in several ways. You can let them merge together in the paint, but it’s also possible to create them apart from each other, as long as the connection shows in the final result.

UV Paint

On Friday night you may have access to a dark tent, illuminated with UV light. This is your opportunity to work with blacklight paint! Sign up fast, because we only offer a few spots for this component.

There will be few workshops published on the website of castlefest. We find the following one interesting for photographer and models:

From 18.00 till 20.00h there will be workshop dedicated to models and to photographers and painters who want to learn how to advise their models in a proper manner. This workshop will be given by Kim Leeftink. From packing your bags to stage presentation: how to get awesome and colorful experiences as a model? Receive information about preparations, during painting, posing for photographers, learn all the do’s and don’ts and everything there is to know about the life of a bodypaint model.

(Participating in this workshop costs €25,-)

One type of event we highly recommend and that is becoming very popular, is the face and body painting. last year, a whole section was dedicated to that.

It takes hours to pain the models and most photographers do not have the opportunity to shoot body painting. The Castlefest fair gives plenty of opportunity to do just that.

Our advise is to put on your best custom, whatever you like. Get your own drink cups, camera and head for the fair ground at Keukenhof.

be advised that due to the large number of visitors, one should take in calculation walking distances between the parking lots to the event itself as well as long lines at the entrance. sometimes, very long lines.

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