iLLUMELAS High Arts: Unity of Opposites

iLLUMELAS High Arts is pleased to announce “Unity of Opposites,” a show with new work from cutting edge international artists: Daniel Healy (England), Anne Mortensen (USA)  , Francisca Rosner (Holland), Klas Bennergard (Sweden), Patricia Atienza (Spain) and Paolo Masi (Italy).


A group show by revolutionary international artists  

December 4th – December 6th 2009

 Opening Party:  Friday December 4th, 17 – 20hrs

‘Live Art, Live Music’

 Open daily: 14 – 18hrs

iLLUMELAS believes in the purity of Art.

iLLUMELAS is a neologism combining light and dark.

This iLLUMELAS exhibition is Hermetic. Each artist has produced work on the unity of opposites. Collaboratively they have also been very keen to produce a project with reference to revolutionary art work and new forms.

          Daniel Healy’s work (England, founder of iLLUMELAS High Arts) says; “If you begin to look at what you hate and what you love you begin to see yourself. Because we try to constantly deny our fears they usually shape us more than our desires. The Truth of Nature, is the only thing worth knowing.”  His work is influenced by occult geometry/numerology alongside the liberal uncorrupted imaginations of children. 

          Patricia Atienza focuses on an experimental development informed by her personal interest in the study of architecture, space and the physical and metaphysical relations that define our world. Each piece is conceived as a construction process in which the choice of “raw” materials (cement, plaster, graphite powder) compliments the process of production in the creation of very physical pieces. The use of dynamic grids or structures explores the apparent paradox between a construction process that embodies time and a grid that would deny it.

           Photographer Anne Mortensen experiments in capturing routines and the sparks of spontaneity that emerge from ‘unity of opposite’ moments. “I look. I capture the details that people miss on daily basis.   I’ve struggled between holding onto spontaneity in my life and having routine…routine is comfortable but dull, while spontaneity is fun but chaotic.  Such is life…the balance within…the unity of opposites.  I’m at a point where I’m more interested in the depth of my immediate surroundings…where ever I might be.” She has travelled all over, and continues to do so regularly.

          Paolo Masi is displaying two key pieces. Monroe’s lights and shadows reminds and summarizes Marylin Monroe’s life as bright beautiful icon and fascinating mysterious (out of the scene) life and death. His Abortion: Failing of Contemporary Moral depicts the political destabilization between the Vatican and Obama’s politics by the beginning of 2009. The Woman with a cobra’s head symbolize the drama of having to make a decision over life and death; the woman wears a T-Shirt supporting Obama’s politics which move to restore US funding for family planning clinics abroad that give advice on or carry out abortions (1.200.000,00 in 2008). These two elements the T-Shirt alongside the cobra’s head walk over the Vatican which attempts to fight back this absurd failure of the contemporary moral.

           Klas Bennergard depicts the human body as a brilliant example of the unity of opposites in action.  “We’ve all heard that opposites attract. But do they really attract or is it that the opposites are simply two parts of the one whole? They are not separate. In essence, nothing really is. For example, there is no distinct point where heat ends and cold begins. They are simply different degrees of the same air or different experiences of those degrees.” “It is the same with the male and female. Seeming opposites designed to work together to express the one purpose.”

          Francisca Rosner has created a new series of paintings in which dogs and their owners are subject. The psychology of the body language, of both the dog that is at a dog show, and the oblivious person next to him or her, tells us a lot about the human condition. The fact that these moments of time are set in another context (historical buildings, ballrooms), make the subjects stand out.. Technique is mixed media; acrylic and oil paint with patches of fabric and wool sewn on top of it. Rosner is influenced by a wide variety of artists like Gerhard Richter, painters from the Leipziger groupe and Michael Raedecker.


Do-It-Yourself Gallery

Raamgracht 58

1011 KK Amsterdam

Tel: 020-3209448                  

Gallery hours:  Daily  14-18hrs

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