Marga Weimans, Amsterdam Fashion week July 2012

Marga Weimans

Marga Weimans is a fashion house which explorers and pushes the borders of fashion by incorporating elements from various other creative disciplines, such as architecture, industrial design and fine arts. The designer graduated at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts with her collection “The Power Of My Dreams’ in 2005.

This collection received international recognition by winning an I-D award, named after the organizing fashion magazine, and its purchase and exhibition by the Groninger Museum. Thereafter, Marga Weimans has presented several collections in Paris and participated in numerous projects, both of which were displayed in various exhibitions throughout The Netherlands and abroad. As a starting point of the design process, the designer relies on her surroundings, her ambitions and dreams, and the development of her life and fashion house.  The resulting creations are characterized by a highly innovative use of materials; wood, iron, resin, semi-precious stones and fiberglass, for instance, have all been used in her creations together with self-developed fabrics and prints.

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