Orange is The New Black: Life in a Women’s Prison

By Yoana Gaydova

The Netflix TV series Orange is The New Black aired on 11 July 2013 and received positive critics right away as well as a score of 8.5/10 on IMDB. Created by Jenji Kohan and produced by Lionsgate Television, the show is based on a book-memoir by Piper Kerman about her experiences in prison.


Orange is The New Black – Beyond Clichés

The show is a breath of fresh air; original and intelligent, pushing the boundaries with an engrossing story, unpredictable plot and an extraordinary cast, beyond all clichés and stereotypes. It has a great balance of funny and dramatic; goofy and serious.
Orange is The New Black: Cast and Plot
The first season tells the story of the main character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling. She is a well-educated middle class woman in her thirties, sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison in Litchfield, NY for transporting drug money. The crime was committed ten years prior, when Chapman was having a relationship with the drug smuggler working for an international cartel – Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon.

Orange is the New Black takes us through the difficulties Piper encounters, trying to adapt to the new situation, deal with the inhumanities of prison life and maintain the relationship in the outside world with her fiancé Larry Bloom, played by Jason Biggs.

The show depicts not only the great character-development not only of the main characters, but also of the other inmates as well. Every character has a well thought out personality and gets to tell their life story. The flashbacks provide a better understanding of their history and circumstances that brought them to prison. The different perspectives of the story makes in even more interesting and authentic.

All the women are very different from one another, but all relatable in some way. The whole cast takes us on a roller coaster of emotions from being happy, sad, sympathetic, reproaching, amused, nervous, heartbroken and disappointed.

Orange is The New Black: The Shocking Reality

Orange is The New Black portrays the shocking reality in a raw and realistic way and nothing has been held back – nudity, violence, drug deals, corrupted prison administration, lesbian sex, explicit language, ethnic separatism and sexual harassment from the prison staff.

The directing and acting is great, although some of the characters’ actions are a little bit exaggerated in order to add more drama.

The new second season of Orange is The New Black will air in the beginning of 2014.

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