Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman on the cover of Russian Maxim

By Radostina Kushelieva

The 28-year-old Russian Spy Anna Chapman has been photographed in scanty lingerie, complete with suspender belt, with her finger poised on the trigger of a pistol on the cover of current month’s Russian Maxim. Flame-haired Russian spy Anna Chapman will not do porn but she will come close to it by making cash.

Anna Chapman has not covered away from publicity since returning to Russia in July. The dirty shoot will do nothing to put down the public’s fascination with her. The president Medvedev allegedly awarded her a top state medal this week for her espionage work in the west together with 9 other spies.

The ceremony took place in Kremlin. No television or press pictures were released of the ceremony. The exact medals the spies received were not exposed but they were described as ‘’the state’s highest awards”. Before this ceremony espionage experts in the East and West were doubting  as to whether Chapman was in fact a fully fledged  agent who conducted heroic work for the Russian state. The award by the president Medvedev removed any doubt. Unlike the other spies, Chapman has a high public profile since returning to Russia.

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