The Creation of a Perfect Dress

by Jayasree Iyer


Every girl has a dream, and one man’s job is making girls’ dreams come true. He uses his intuition, along with their dreams, to create the perfect wedding dress for that special occasion.

Aziz Abdat is an Haute Couture silk wedding dress designer in Amsterdam. He creates the perfect dream gown for hundreds of women, with a unique style for designing the finished product. Aziz, an amicable 59 year old man originally from Singapore, treats all women like his daughters. He gets to know the bride inside and talks her through the journey of visualizing a picture of her perfect wedding. “Women are very honest when it comes to weddings. Most women have a picture of what they want to look like on that day and describe it to me in detail. It’s an emotional process that I go through with them”.

“I just enjoy doing this” says Aziz, when asked why he designs wedding dresses, with a soft twinkle in his eyes.

His clients are from around the world, and include figures of nobilities. Many of his dresses are influenced by the Orient, with textures and finishes suited to each dream.  His shop, with the soft cooing of pet doves and traditional Asian statues, creates a soothing ambience that persuades every bride-to-be to pour her heart out to Aziz and tell him her dream for him to create.

Making a dress takes about 3 weeks to a few months to develop, costing 4000 euros and up. Each piece is individually made, and usually there are 4 to 5 fittings to develop the idea and make the subtle changes to the final design and fit of the dress. The feelings of the brides-to-be play an important role in this process. What gives him joy? “To see the air of confidence a bride has when she wears the final dress”. A perfect dress captures the inner woman in each bride and shows her figure, her status, and her emotions to the best on that day. 


There are no standard dresses suited for each bride. Any color, design, fabric is possible and is all up to the individual taste of the bride-to-be. Mature, sensual, demure, sleek, whatever your personality, Aziz can capture it in his designs. Only about 5% of brides choose the typical white dress. Cream, ivory, and pale shades are most sought after by his clients. His most important advice to a bride-to-be looking for the perfect dress: “Calm down, visualize a dress, be yourself, listen to your emotions.”

Aziz came to the Netherlands in the height of the 60s. Started by doing some odd jobs, and then started making simple Asian style blouses and kimonos. With a flair for painting, his initial creations were unusual, creative and inspired. In the 80s, Aziz started designing silk wedding dresses since it was an interesting niche for him. He enjoys being a part of a fantasy, and making someone’s dreams come true became a full time profession. He created some designs to show his range, which is seen in the shop windows, but makes each dress suited to each bride. Visit his stores, mirror imaged stores across the Overtoom, and see what you could look like in Aziz Abdat’s mirror…
Aziz Abdat: OVERTOOM 259 1054 HW Amsterdam. Tel: 020 – 6161677 or 0624271365

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