Winter Fashion Style Rules

By Radostina Kushelieva

”It is freezing outside”. This is the most used sentence in the last couple of days in Amsterdam. The Christmas holidays are already here but together with them is also the ”Cold Wave”. Amsterdam was early surprised with an extremely cold winter. Last few weeks I was asking myself whether I am on the North Pole. This is the time of warming up with warm drinks and of course warm winter clothes. So it is time for warm and knitted clothes. I am sure that most of the citizens have considered going for warmer clothes during the last couple of weeks. Amsterdam Spoke will help in the time-consuming search of our readers.


You will definitely see a great diversity of stylish warm clothing in several recommended shops:

”Black Sheep Road” which is situated Hartenstraat 36, ”Exota” which is situated on Hartenstraat 10, or ”Hugo Boss Store” which you can find on Herengracht 432

Another very useful store is ”King Louie Puck” situated on Niewe Hoogstraat 1 A

You can also try some only online shopping on or

I will also give you several tips how to protect yourself in the best possible way from the coldness outside:

1)      It is really important to protect your head. You lose more heat through your head than any other body part. That is why we recommend you to wear warm hats.

2)      Favor natural materials (more cotton clothes)

3)      Keep your feet and neck warm

4)      Do not buy too many synthetic materials.

5)      Dress in more layers

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