Amstrdam Fashion Week Jan 2012: Spijkers & Spijkers

Spijkers en Spijkers have since the label’s foundation built an instantly recognizable and desirable style: one known for its graphic detailing, and distinct use of color. The twin-sisters have an historical fascination with the 1920’s that clearly reflect in their designs. A time loved by the designers for it’s great renewal in arts, design and attitude. For Spijkers en Spijkers this is the era where their muses where born, independent thinkers with a mind of their own.

With this occiput in mind Spijkers en Spijkers created their SIS line to be a more accessible line to carry out their vision and draw an opportunity to enlarge their audience in the Netherlands and abroad. The Art-deco influences and the graphic which are key for the spijkers en spijkers style can be seen as a laboratory for the diffusion line SiS. The SIS collection is covered with the same aura and has become an asset to the main line.

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