DIGIFiT at Picnic `10 -The Virtual Gym of your dreams

By Radostina Kushelieva

At Picnic 2010 a lot of startup companies had the chance to expose their products and promote themselves. They were chosen from the organization of Picnic out of thousands of candidates.

In an interview for Amsterdam Spoke Magazine the founder of DIGIFiT BV, Mr.Hugo Braam introduced his company and the concept behind it.


1. You are a startup company. Are you excited that you are chosen to be here at Picnic’10?

Yes, this is a great opportunity for us to be here and meet all those people and to have the chance to promote our company on such a big event.

2. Can you introduce your company DIGIFiT? When did your company start?

DiGIFiT has been developing already for 2 years and we have thousands of users. We are using and implementing the new technologies for better lifestyle, gaming and social networking. People can register for free on our website. We also propose virtual trainers who can measure your fitness condition and based on that they make a plan according to your body and health. All this is happening online. If you want you can also buy a special platform to use at home. There are specific sensors which are synchronized with the platform. On this platform we also built recently the so called ”Inner Scan” which gives you insight of your muscle and fat percentage.  We are proud to announce that we already sold the first one. Here at PICNIC’10 we had the chance to expose the devise. Using the ”Inner Scan” is much more motivating for the customers.

3. What trends do you follow with your original concept?

It is actually a three-element-formula. First we wanted to include the fun factor in the fitness industry as most of the people still find it boring. Second of all, there is also the personal training combined with the social element. However, the third element is the competition or the gaming element. DIGIFiT is a combination of these three solutions.

4. You are a startup company. What are your goals for the future?

We are aiming at launching ”Gym Solution” in the end of this year.

But for now if you are interested in Virtua Gym or if you want more information  just visit the website: www.virtuagym.com 

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