Electrable Nights 2009

With the Christmas and New Year period, Brussels has a new main attraction: Electrical nights!

We went all the way to Brussels to see the open air show and try to absorb and understand the attraction force of the show.

We stood there together will all locals and tourists from all over the world and for hours looked at the lights orchestrated together with pop and classical music. The effect was amazing and hurt warming in the night’s cold.

Few minutes into the show and we created a new mission: we have to bring them to Amsterdam for a show!

The production company behind the project is ACT lighting design that brought to life this spectacular show on the hotel de ville in Brussels – Grand place.

This show is live from 29/11/2009 till 3/01/2010 from 16:30 till 22.00 every night!

Presented by: Koert Vermeulen together with Executive producer is Alice Events – Frank Anthierens.


A little about the company making this project:

As independent lighting designers,   ACT lighting design aim is to bring together a creative and sensitive approach to light with an understanding of its complex technical requirement.

 Filling the gap between the professionals using light as an expressive tool (stage lighting, photography) and those generally implementing lighting technology in the built environment (building services).

ACT brings together stage lighting techniques (dynamic lighting, color) and high quality architectural lighting equipment (durability, glare control) to create schemes revealing, modifying or enhancing everyday life environment. More about ACT can be viewed at: www.act-design.com

 A little about Koert Vermeulen:

The main artist behind the project is named Koert Vermeulen, perhaps best known for his work on “Le Rêve” by Franco Dragone, at the “Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino” This permanent show opened in April 2005.

After winning a European competition for the Lighting Festival “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon in 2006, he develops a new expression of contemporary Light Art installations. He designs the Son et Lumière spectacle for the 2007 Winter Festivities in Brussels. A mix of projection, colour and Christmas lighting in their boldest

Form. In 2008 he is the invited artist for “SolStis”, the first edition of Brussels own light festival, and also for “Arbres et Lumières” in Geneva (CH) and Luxembourg with 2 distinct installations based on Pixel Art.

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