Mondriaan in Amsterdam 1892-1912 Reveals the Artist’s Unknown Side

The Amsterdam Museum hosts the special exhibition ‘Mondrian in Amsterdam 1892-1912′ from 11 October 2013 to 5 January 2014. It reveals an unknown side of the Dutch artist, pioneer of abstract art Piet Mondrian, showcasing 60 of his less-known and rarely exhibited paintings, prints and drawings.


Mondrian in Amsterdam 1892-1912′ brings these works back to the city, where they were created a hundred years ago, and where the painter discovered his own unique style. The exhibition takes us along his journey starting from 1892 when he was a student in the Rijksakademie, until 1912, when he departed from the Netherlands. Displayed are rural landscapes, and paintings of lighthouses and other pieces examining interesting theological and philosophical movements.

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